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Hong Kong Interior Design Firm – Team Introduction

Fung Style is a Hong Kong interior design firm. It has been rooted in Hong Kong for many years and has rich experience in interior design and refurbishment projects. In the past 20 years, Hong Kong’s interior design style has undergone many changes. From luxury hardcover to minimalism, from multi-room design to the recent nano flat style. Therefore, the Fung Style design team is constantly innovating and striving to meet the requirements of different clients.

The quality of life in Hong Kong continues to improve. Requirements for housing are no longer limited to unpretentious designs. Hong Kong people attach great importance to interior design. Fung Style recommends and provides different solutions to clients to meet their requirements. We have adopted various styles, like industrial, Nordic simplicity, modern and Chinese styles. We could even mix and match styles to meet the requirements. Interior designers will also keep pace with the times. We provide clients with trendy interior design and advice to create ideal homes at reasonable prices.

Our innovative business model not only provides the ‘three guarantees’ but also adds an arbitration clause to the refurbishment project contract. We also use a self-developed project schedule management system to make the project more transparent. In addition to countless individual clients, we are hired by corporate clients such as Lenovo and Moet Hennessy Asia Pacific. Choose us to gain an unforgettable refurbishment experience.

Fung Style Interior Design Ideas

Fung Style interior design company insists on focusing on aesthetics and functionality. In addition to the uniqueness, the finished projects combine durability, personal style and essentials. The apartments in Hong Kong are relatively small. Fung Style also understands that clients pursue practical and gorgeous interior design solutions. Therefore, the goal of Fung Style is to recommend and tailor-made interior design solutions that best meet your actual needs and are beautiful at the same time.

Fung Style – Three Major Guarantees

If you are looking for a professional Hong Kong decoration design company, please contact us to arrange a free consultation without hesitation. Our experienced engineering team and interior designers will provide the most appropriate suggestions according to your needs, requirements, project budget, etc. You are welcome to contact us immediately!

Duration guarantee

For all projects, we clearly determine the schedule and the completion date. If the completion date is not successfully reached, we will compensate the clients in cash for the influence by the extension of the construction period.

Price Guarantee

The quotation lists all the foreseeable projects as much as possible. Our company promises that the additional fee will not exceed 5% of the original order, so as to protect the interests of clients.

Service Guarantee

All-around ambassador is responsible for communicating, following up on the progress of the project, and answering customer inquiries. Our company will take the initiative to arrange at least one inspection within one year after the completion.

*The three major guarantees are subject to terms and conditions.

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1. First meeting

- Communicate and understand each other.
- Site inspection and measurement

2. First draft

- Tailor-made floor plans
- Preliminary design concept drawings
- Quotations

3. Preparation

- Deeply discuss on customer specific design solutions
- 3D drawings and construction drawings
- Reserve engineering team schedule
- Activate full assistant service

4. Start project

- Start project
- All-around ambassador support
- Regularly reports the progress and the actual situation on site

5. Warranty period

- Starts after the project signed
- Arranges at least one on-site inspection

About Interior Decoration – FAQ

Q1: What is the difference between an interior design company (design firm) and a refurbishment company?

Design quality

Is the refurbishment company good? Generally, the refurbishment engineering companies in Hong Kong lack originality and most only apply experience or use the design solutions of other clients. Professional interior design firms pay attention to clients’ needs. Designers will tailor-make the ideal interior design according to the client’s requirements. Then cooperate with the Hong Kong design style and appropriate building materials to meet clients’ requirements.

Refurbishment engineering drawings:

Most refurbishment engineering companies can only provide simple drawings. However, professional interior design companies recommend providing multiple plans, such as floor plans, 3D plans, furniture plans, large-scale drawings, etc. So that clients could have a detailed understanding of the design in the early stage of interior refurbishment.

Q2: How to choose an interior design company?
  1. Good at communicating

A suitable interior design company should be creative but also good at communication and grasp the key points of the customers’ requirements. It is essential to know that most clients have little experience with refurbishment projects or processes, and their ideas are often fragmented. However, a professional interior designer can integrate and sort out these ideas to create the ideal interior design.

  1. With Integrity

In recent years, there have been more and more complaints about interior design companies that the result is substandard. In most of the complaint cases, the clients indicated that the attitudes of these companies after signing contracts were quite different. Some unscrupulous companies in the industry aim to increase the chance of making a deal during the early stage. They readily agree to any request made by the customer, whether possible or not and refute it after the customer signs the project contract or pays the deposit. Therefore, when choosing an interior design firm and a refurbishment engineering company, its past record should be carefully considered. Our company has won the “Zero Complaint Company Certification” for three consecutive years. Fung Style Interior Design Company achieves 100% zero complaints in projects.

  1. Provide an accurate project budget

The cost of refurbishment and design in Hong Kong is as high as other prices. When considering the budget, you should refer to the market price and shop around. If you find that the quotations of most companies are much higher than your budget, you should consider increasing your budget or reducing the number of tasks. What’s more worth mentioning is that many infamous or blacklisted firms deliberately hide some fees. It is charged during the add-on order, which is what we call a “Variation Order”. In this case, the client will lose a considerable amount of money and even make the project unfinished. Therefore, ideal interior design companies are able to provide customers with accurate project quotations and list the tasks one by one. So that the clients can clearly understand the cost of each project.

To become the best interior design and refurbishment company in Hong Kong, Fung Style promises to set out our three unique guarantees for all projects. We are the pioneer in the interior design industry that can simultaneously provide these three guarantees (construction period guarantee, quotation guarantee, and service guarantee) in the contract.

Q3. What should the clients pay attention to after the start of refurbishment?
Many clients mistakenly believe that they can completely hand over all the work to the company after signing the contracts. But in fact, this is not the case. When clients choose a company that suits them, they still need to invest a certain amount of time and energy in the process, such as providing opinions on the design, deciding the final plan, choosing building materials, purchasing electrical appliances and other furniture products, etc. Of course, if the guest has no opinion on the project, the design firm can do it for clients. But if the clients have ideas, you must voice your opinions, participate and communicate with the interior designer more.

As an excellent interior design company, we finish tasks step by step. Fung Style provides customers with a free ” Project Management System” service. This system can increase the transparency of the process and help customers sort out interior design and refurbishment tasks. Customers can clearly understand the real-time progress through the system, such as on-site photos, expected completion date of each process, shopping list, project budget etc. Allow customers to be reassured.

Q4. What should I do if I encounter serious disagreements with the company during the construction period?
Communication is the cure for most interior design problems. If there is a disagreement with the company, the easiest way is to deal with it according to the contract. However, most of the unresolved problems are not included in terms. At this point, both parties must negotiate and make concessions, hoping for a smooth settlement. However, in reality, both parties may think that they cannot compromise or that the company is deliberately making things difficult. Therefore, they may have to resort to legal procedures, but this will bring a high price, and the gains will outweigh the losses at any time.

To protect the customers, Fung Style adds the arbitration clause of the Hong Kong Arbitration Association to all the contracts. Clients can deal with it effectively and quickly through legal procedures at a limited cost.

Q5. How long does it take for a general refurbishment project to complete?

The construction length of each interior design and refurbishment project depends on the area and complexity, as well as the actual arrangement of the selected interior decoration company, etc. The project involves many processes, such as designing, mud, woodworking, painting, custom furniture, laying floors, etc. Generally speaking, it takes at least 2 to 3 months to complete. A professional company will communicate with the clients in advance to determine the completion date of each project so that the clients can acknowledge the budget construction period and plan other details in advance.


Q6. How to figure out the budget for refurbishment projects?

The budget of the refurbishment project depends on the complexity of the project. The larger the area, the higher the total cost is. The cost of the whole apartment will be higher than that of simply renovating a specific space. The interior design style will also affect the price of the project. The simple style is generally lower in price. If you choose the gorgeous and classical style, you need to spend more time on details and craftsmanship. The price is naturally higher. When planning a budget, you may wish to speak to the interior design company so that they understand your needs and can adjust the budget according to your expectations.

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