Our 3 key guarantees:

Price Guarantee, Schedule Guarantee, and Service Guarantee.

About Us

Fung Style is dedicated to offering innovative and top-tier interior design services. With more than 18 years of industry expertise, our engineering and design team ensures excellence in each project. We introduce three distinct guarantees to meet our clients’ expectations for their renovation experience.


Our Missions

In the expensive property market of Hong Kong, there’s a common lack of renovation experience among the general public. However, when undertaking a project, clients often face over a hundred different questions. Therefore, we are committed to establishing an interior design company founded on integrity and dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality services. We aim to address our clients’ concerns regarding timelines, budgets, and quality through our endeavors.

Fung Style was established.

– Fung Style has become a member of the “Renovation Covenant Certification Program.

– We established 3 key guarantees.

– “Zero Complaint Company Certification,” recognizing our achievement of 100% zero complaints across all projects.

– Membership in the “Harmonious Hong Kong” Covenant for the 2019/20 term.

– Fung Style has received funding from TVC to develop our proprietary online management platform for interior engineering projects.

– The Tsuen Wan Studio is officially open.

Our Clients