Home Renovation

Excellent design firms need to consider both aesthetics and functionality. The aim is to improve the living quality of clients and create a happy home.


Both Aesthetic and Functional:
The Most beautiful is Unnecessarily Suitable

The palace style is gorgeous, but after a hard day, are you still willing to face furniture with complex lines? In addition to having a keen sense of aesthetics, a professional design firm needs to have an understanding attitude. Understanding the likes and dislikes of clients, we tailor-made designs for clients.

Hong Kong families live in the same unit for more than ten years. They have requirements on the materials and furniture quality of the home design. In addition to considering construction quality and material durability, the home design also tests the designer’s sense of life. The design should be timeless and flexible and meet the changes of clients in the next ten years.

Fung Style Professional Home Design Services

With years of engineering and designing experience, our teams have served clients who demand a variety of styles which allows us to understand your consideration in a better way. Through patient communication, we comprehend the style requirements and produce a 3D design plan to present the concept concretely. With meticulous construction and rigorous selection of materials, we promise that the project will accomplish the refurbishment like its plans, and create a home where clients feel at ease and happy.

Home Design and Planning

Why do you have to hire home designers? Since home design and planning require professional knowledge, designers understand the interior layout of buildings and furniture. Creating a home is functional and stylish by measuring, producing plans and utilising space.

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If you want the Fung Style home design team to create a home sweet home with you, please make an appointment to arrange a free meeting and consultation.

Home Renovation – FAQ

1. What do I need to prepare before looking for home design services?

Before meeting with our home designer team, you can prepare the floor plan and tell us your design concept, requirements and budget. If you don’t have any idea yet, you can meet with us first and look for some design cases and understand more about our design styles and services.

2. Why does the final cost of home refurbishment differ from the quotation?

It is because the price of materials may fluctuate. All charges will be subject to the actual expenditure. Before ordering all materials and supplies, we will first obtain the clients’ confirmation. The signed quotation is under our quotation guarantee. The project cost can be properly controlled to avoid exceeding the budget.

3. How long will the whole process take?

The size of the space and the complexity affect the entire project period. Generally, it takes about 2-3 months from the design to the refurbishment. If you have a request for the time, you could put it forward at the first meeting and we will try our best to arrange and cooperate.

4. If I am not satisfied with the initial design concept plan and want you to redesign it. Do I need to charge extra?

Before implementing the refurbishment, clients could modify the design plan while we will not charge additional fees. After ordering materials or starting the refurbishment, all extra costs of changing the design plan will be borne by clients.