Lenovo Office

Location: Taikoo Place
Usable Area: 800 ft²
Project Type: Refurbishment Project

  • The existing conference room has been converted into two new conference rooms and one manager’s office.
  • The project must be completed within a three-day holiday period, with each step interdependent and requiring precise execution. Sufficient planning and preparation are essential beforehand.
  • The scope of work includes: demolition of existing conference room, construction of new gypsum board partitions, addition/removal of electrical outlets, new wallpaper installation, refurbishment of existing paintwork, installation of new glass partitions, construction of new wooden doors and door frames, HVAC and fire safety works, carpet replacement, and overall site cleaning.


荔枝角醫局西街1035-1037號 匯華工廠大廈4樓C室

營業時間: 星期一至五9:00 ~ 18:00

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