Luxury Design


Luxury design is a popular home decor style that focuses on using high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to create comfortable and elegant living spaces.

Luxury design emphasizes simplicity, taste, texture, and delicacy, paying attention to details and ingenuity, creating an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the home. Luxury minimalism decoration includes mixing and matching, blending materials, soft colors, decorative details, and soft lighting. The style tends to favor natural materials, warm tones, comfortable furniture, soft lighting, and high-quality home accessories. Moreover, the focus of luxury minimalism is on creating a cozy and warm atmosphere that makes people feel the warmth and comfort of home. By using high-quality materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and delicate decorative details, adopting luxury minimalism can make the home space more beautiful and comfortable.


What are the characteristics of luxury design?

1. Attention to detail:

Luxury design emphasizes every detail, including furniture, decorations, and lighting, to ensure the overall space is harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.

2. Traditional craftsmanship:

Luxury design embraces traditional craftsmanship, prioritizing the handcrafted process to ensure the quality and durability of the products.

Luxury design respects nature, seeking harmony with the natural environment, and avoiding resource wastage and environmental damage.


4. Premium materials:

Luxury design adheres to using high-quality materials, carefully selected to ensure the quality of the entire space.


5. Versatility:

Luxury design is not limited to any particular style or trend. It seeks freedom of combination and innovation to express individual style and taste.


6. Bright and Cozy:

Luxury design enhances home spaces with more natural light, making the area appear brighter and cozier.


7. Space Optimization:

Luxury design emphasizes space cleanliness, making home areas appear more spacious and enhancing comfort in daily living.


8. Natural Colors:

Luxury design incorporates natural materials and colors, creating a cozy atmosphere in home spaces and making home living more natural.


9. Personalization:

Luxury design emphasizes personalized design, catering to the specific lifestyle needs of clients more effectively.

The differences between traditional luxury design and luxury design.

Traditional luxury design typically features opulence, wealth, and grandeur, often utilizing materials such as metal, marble, fine woods, and luxurious fabrics. It tends to have highly decorative and meticulously crafted details, such as intricately carved architecture, furniture, and decorations. Additionally, traditional luxury designs often incorporate vibrant colors and rich textures to create a lavish atmosphere. In contrast, luxury design places more emphasis on practicality and comfort. This style of design typically incorporates fewer decorative elements and focuses instead on creating a simple, comfortable, and natural indoor environment. Luxury design also prioritizes the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, and cotton.

Is luxury design suitable for me?

Luxury design typically refers to a stylish, tasteful, and subtly extravagant home decor style that combines luxury with lightness. The characteristics of light luxury style are simplicity, practicality, and comfort, making it suitable for residential living spaces. 

Luxury design is particularly suitable for modern family needs, characterized by multifunctionality and affordability. It incorporates a lot of natural materials such as wood, cotton, and stone to provide indoor comfort and a natural atmosphere. Luxury decor also utilizes high-quality furniture and decorations to create a more luxurious indoor environment. Luxury design is suitable for various types of residential spaces, including houses, villas, and apartments.

Luxury decor is especially suitable for those who want to achieve a stylish, comfortable, and personality-rich atmosphere in their indoor spaces. It allows residents to feel comfortable, relaxed, and distinguished at home while showcasing their personality and taste. If you are someone who appreciates fashion and tasteful living, then luxury design is the perfect choice for you.

Does luxury design require a high cost?

Using luxury design does not necessarily require a high cost. Luxury style often emphasizes simplicity, practicality, and high quality, so the cost may be more affordable compared to other styles. For example, you can choose materials that do not require a high cost, such as natural materials and light colors, to achieve the effect of luxury style. Additionally, luxury designers can use certain techniques, such as mirrors and lighting, to enhance the texture of the space. Furthermore, light luxury can also choose some multi-functional furniture, such as sofa beds and folding tables, to maximize the use of space. In summary, using light luxury style does not necessarily require a high cost; the key is how to choose materials and furniture appropriately to achieve your ideal within the budget.

Can light luxury style be mixed with other styles?

Light luxury style can be mixed with other styles to create diversity and richness. For example, you can incorporate elements of modern style into luxury design, such as fresh colors, abstract patterns, and clean lines. Alternatively, you can add elements of artistic style to light luxury decoration, such as bold colors, unique shapes, and rich textures. Regardless, the key is to make your home look natural, harmonious, and full of personality.

Our luxury design design services

Fung Style has applied the luxury design to create elegant and beautiful homes in various types of residential units. Moreover, we prioritize ensuring that clients can enjoy the entire process. We are the forst interior design form to provide 3 guarantees:


1. Price Guarantee:

We provide our clients with quotes that have no hidden fees or additional charges. In other words, the quote we offer is comprehensive, covering all necessary materials and labor costs for the luxury design. We guarantee that any additional charges will not exceed 5% of the original quote.

2. Duration Guarantee:

We will adhere to the agreed-upon timeline and strive to complete the project on schedule. This means we will make every effort to avoid delays during the process, ensuring that clients can enjoy their luxury-designed home within the planned timeframe.

3. Service Guarantee:

We will provide high-quality luxury design services, including timely communication and addressing customer inquiries during the process, as well as offering after-sales service upon completion. We will strive to meet clients’ needs for luxury design and proactively conduct at least one inspection before the maintenance period ends to ensure customer satisfaction and peace of mind with our services.