Office Design


The requirements for design, budget and construction period of office refurbishments differ from common private projects.


Refrushingment of Office: To Make the Best Better

The design of the office not only pays attention to the aesthetic value but also needs to correspond to the branding and daily operation.

The budget for office design needs to be approved by multiple departments. Therefore, it is usually unchangeable. During the progress, the clients will also ask the design firm to cooperate in the administrative work.

There are two types of office refurbishment: partial or complete. In the case of the former, the design firm needs to minimise the inconvenience and avoid affecting the daily operation of the office during the process. In the latter case, the clients need to assess the additional cost of the refurbishment and operational needs.

Fung Styles Office Design Service

As a professional design firm, we promise to communicate closely with our clients and provide all-around cooperation to create the most efficient working environment for your company. Before starting the project, our design team will have a comprehensive plan and prepare different backup plans to avoid affecting the progress due to human error.

We have completed the entire office refurbishment, including demolition, air-conditioning and fire protection, for Lenovo Group within three days. The project was finished quietly and silently.

Transform your workspace now with our team of avant-garde experts. If you have further inquiries, please make an appointment to meet with us.

Create the Perfect Work Space

Renovating your office can reinvigorate your entire business. Employees spend plenty of time in the office every day. The environment of the office has a direct impact on their mind and work status. A comfortable workplace not only increases productivity and utilises office space but impresses your clients. The design of the office represents the image of the company. The more pleasant the environment, the better the impression of the company is. The professional design optimises the brand image of the company.

Renovating an office is a step-by-step process involving interior space design, project management, implementation and communication. Fung Styles has a veteran understanding of architecture and design. To give clients an ideal office design and advice, we will conduct a field inspection to understand the available space and limitations before designing your office.

We design different areas of the office, including the reception, conference room, and pantry. We will provide the most preliminary office design concepts and quotations according to the requirements. 3D plans will be provided so that clients have a better understanding.

To view more cases of our office design, please click here, or book a free consultation here.

Office Renovation – FAQ

1. What should I do if I want to refurbish my office but don't have a design concept yet?

Don’t worry. You can contact us to make an appointment. Our professional design team will give you different preliminary design suggestions and provide some office design cases for reference. You may find some direction from here.

2. Why does the final cost of office renovation differ from the quotation?

It is because the price of materials may fluctuate. When ordering materials and furniture, we will give the final quotation to the clients. The order will only be placed after clients confirm and agree.

3. If I am renovating a particular part of my office, can employees work in the office during the period?

It depends on the size of the project. If the renovation area is relatively large, we do not recommend employees work in the office. In addition to avoiding accidents during the renovation, some materials or odours will also hinder employees’ work. However, if the project only involves simple modification, we comply with clients and provide the most efficient advice.

4. How long does it take for an office to complete refurbishment?

The length of time required for each office project varies. We estimate the time for the entire project when we design the preliminary office renovation concept drawing.