Shop Design

Shop refurbishment in Hong Kong emphasises cost-effectiveness. A professional design firm helps shop owners create a brand concept and eye-catching shop within their budget to provide clients with a refreshing experience.

A Successful Shop refurbishment is a Key to Boost Sales?

There is always a unique idea behind a successful brand. However, if you want customers to understand at first glance, you need a better design. The professional design team of Fung Style will first understand the brand concept of the shop owner deeply. We believe that if customers can understand the brand concept, it will improve the sales of the shop and its image. In design, we will also consider the actual operation of the shop to ensure it can improve operational efficiency.

In terms of the colour tone, we will also match the colour tone of the brand and rebalance them to bring out the visual effect. For example, the brand colour is very eye-catching. Therefore, we should consider using some soft colours to neutralise the whole feeling. Highlighting the brand characteristics without overwhelming and making the guests feel natural and comfortable.

From Hidden to Reveal

Trending shops on social media are numerous. The attractiveness is the design style. They have different themes, like hipster, pastoral, elegant, and simplicity. Customers always hope to take photos in specially designed shops and post them on social media. If you want to become a famous shop, you might better spend some thought on design.

One of our clients is a coffee shop owner. The entrance and exit of the kitchen face the takeaway table. Our designer suggested adding more artistic colours to the cafe and invited a local painter to paint a drapery related to coffee. The unique design achieves the actual effect of “covering the ugliness” and successfully attracts people to take pictures. If any company or business needs consultation, please make an appointment to meet with our design team now.

Shop design and brand image

In addition to the taste of the food and the quality of the products, the design is the factor to skyrocket its popularity and attract clients. The style and furnishings of the shop affect the branding. From the moment they step into the shop, they have left an impression on the brand.

In the retail industry, the shop design is to make customers feel comfortable. Successful shops attract customers to visit again and build customer loyalty through design style and interior furnishings, especially fashion stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and bookstores.

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Shop Design – FAQ

1. Can you incorporate my favourite furniture or accessories into the design?
Yes. Our professional designers will first understand your requirements for refurbishment and design and provide different furniture or accessories to achieve what you want.
2. Can we provide comments on the materials?
Of course. As a professional design firm in Hong Kong, our service tenet is to satisfy clients with high design quality. In the whole process, the role of clients is vital. From the first draft to the selection of interior furnishings and accessories, you are welcome to be involved.
3. What do the services and the price include?
We will design the store’s retail space, dining space, display space and window space to create a store with an exclusive style for you.
4. How long do the shop design and refurbishment take?
It depends on the size of the shop and the complexity. It also takes time to order materials. To ensure the quality, it generally takes about two months. If clients have any requirements for the project period, please inform us at the first meeting. We will try our best to arrange and provide professional advice to the clients.